The leap (not) of faith.

The leap (not) of faith.

We don’t coach for a problem to be solved, we coach for a life to be lived.”

Jim patterson

So here I am, looking for potential individuals & companies to work with. Oh, yes, I love how that sounds. This is very clear for me: it is so aligned with my intention to enjoy whatever job I do to the fullest, which I have done my whole life. Even some jobs which apparently looked meaningless, eventually taught me some amazing skills I was not aware would come in so useful until I was lucky to use them many years later. Yes, I didn’t stay too long in them, at the same time long enough to grasp what they have to offer.

A bit over a decade as an actress, resulting in having my cute little company to teach children English through theatre at schools.

A bit over a decade as a Scuba diving instructor, resulting in being eventually promoted to leadership positions, and being in charge of diving, watersports and excursions in a high end resort in the Maldives.

So excited to have fully embarked on my co-active coaching journey, one that intuitively had already began during my Maldivian life, while taking care of my team in a 150 meter big island? Now, from the comfort of Madrid.

In between, all kind of odd jobs and fields, so that my cv looks like a very rich collage, full of spicy ingredients. Below, my purpose and intention in this new path. Stay tuned and don´t hesitate to reach out and experience my offering!

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