I am a COMMITMENT to Love, Confidence & FUN.

Spreading Growth and K.O.-Creation.

I am a Co-Active Coach, explorer and advocate of Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication and Embodied Leadership transformation.

I am one of those rare people who dreamed of leaving everything behind and going to live on a tropical island and ACTUALLY WENT AND DID IT!

I developed my LEADERSHIP skills within a multicultural team in Hospitality, in the Maldives, position which allowed me to coach and coordinate a varied and enriching group of humans, and DIVE!

I am a fun and loving WEDDING OFFICIANT, and have married lovely couples in a taylor-made, and unique ritual, done with all the detail and care such a magical moment requires.

I shared my CREATIVITY with the world as an actress, and I now co.create as an assistant director and production in INANNA, the latest play by Baraka Teatro.

I am an expert Surpriser: I plan, organize, and execute SURPRISES, that bring fun & joy to a total different level.

I WRITE poetry, love letters and fun stuff, among other things, in English & Spanish. It is in my DNA...